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Scientists have found that from diseases of the brain rescues alcohol

diseases of the brain rescues alcohol
Written by Gloria Towolawi
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A small amount of alcohol helps a person protect the brain from the development of inflammation, as well as get rid of toxins.

Such data was voiced by American biologists.

The conclusion that alcohol in small doses is beneficial is not new. At different times, experts from different countries called without fear to drink for dinner a glass of wine or 50 milliliters of strong alcohol.

Scientists from the University of Rochester focused on Alzheimer’s disease, namely on its development in the use of alcoholic beverages.

Alcohol affects the functioning of the lymphatic system. These are the number of channels within the brain that temporarily arise between its cells when we sleep. They help the spinal fluid to “clear” all the protein debris from the neurons and remove it from the nerve tissue.

Biologist Maiken Nedergaar says that getting rid of “rubbish” is the main advantage of using a small amount of alcohol.

To prove this, American scientists conducted an experiment on mice. Several dozen rodents were divided into two groups. The first category regularly gave large portions of alcohol. The second – moderate doses, comparable to the person two glasses of wine.

Scientists watched how alcohol would affect the brainwashing of brain mice. In those rodents that “drunk” a lot, the brain was inflamed. They were less able to control their movements and more difficult to remember new information than individuals from the second group.

In mice that were not abused by alcohol, as a result, the likelihood of developing brain inflammation and accelerated the process of “cleaning” of garbage.

The results of the experiment indicate that moderate doses of alcohol protect humans from the development of Alzheimer’s disease and senile dementia.

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