Scientists have told, what threatens a person a complete refusal of meat

Scientists have told, what threatens a person a complete refusal of meat -
Written by Gloria Towolawi
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People began to eat meat about two and a half million years ago. Before that they ate only vegetables and fruits.


The meat has accelerated the development of mankind, but now many argue whether this product should be introduced into the diet. Scientists responded to this question using their knowledge as arguments. The meat is full of nutrients: iron of the group D vitamins, proteins and other components useful for the body. If you completely remove them from the diet, then human health will be greatly damaged. Refusing the meat you need to think about how to reimburse the missing nutrients. In principle, this product can be replaced by food of plant origin. Only to do this will need to incur increased financial loss and need to understand well in the diet.


As an alternative to meat, experts suggest filling the lack of proteins when switching to a vegetarian diet with different nuts. Despite the story of the harm of this product, scientists are not advised to completely abandon it. The use of a large amount of food of animal origin provokes the emergence of cardiovascular diseases. This is proved by medical practice, but one should not move from one extreme to another.

Scientists recommend restricting the consumption of meat, but not completely abandon it. At the same time, it is necessary to think carefully about which products will compensate for the absence of the substance of the substance.