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Scosche Rhythm24 Measure Heart Rate on Land and in Water

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Written by Gloria Towolawi
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Long before the Polar OH1 and Wahoo Tickr Fit, there was only one heart rate bracelet with heart rate monitoring, and that was the Scosche Rhythm +.

Scosche is now returning, presenting the Rhythm24 model, a smart heart rate monitor bracelet, at CES 2018, which promises to provide more than heart rate tracking. The heart rate monitor will provide several new features to lure you away from Polar and Wahoo bracelets.

Along with the new look, Rhythm + is equipped with Bluetooth and supports Ant + technology, so it can work with a whole range of sports watches, smart watches, simulators and, of course, smartphones and tablets. This means that the heart rate bracelet will also work well with many third-party fitness apps, including RunKeeper , Strava and Map My Fitness.

Like the Polar OH1, it is waterproof and has an IP68 rating. Unlike the Polar settings , you can monitor your heart rate in water. The bracelet will come in a variety of colors and have a LED battery indicator along with a data recording function to save training information.

In terms of collecting heart rate data, it now includes a measurement of heart rate variability to give an idea of ​​stress and recovery time.

There are also special profiles for various sports, including swimming, running and cycling.

Scosche uses touch technology created by Valencell, a company that provides some of the most effective heart rate sensors found in Suunto and Jabra accessories just like citizen. The PerformTek sensor used on the Rhythm24 has both green and yellow optical sensors that are aimed at providing more reliable and accurate methods of measurement through any skin tone.

Rhythm24 will be available to improve the training process in the spring of 2018. While there is no information about the price, we hope that the price will be affordable and comparable to the cost of Rhythm +.