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Secret combination of characters kills any iPhone

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Written by Gloria Towolawi
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As it became known to one of the Russian developers, iOS 12 operating systems, any versions and assemblies, including the latest ones, which are in test form, contain a critical issue. It’s very easy to use – you need to send a secret combination of characters, as soon after any iPhone, including the newest and most expensive, will reboot. At the same time, all stored data will be lost, which in some cases can create a lot of inconvenience.


In order to force iPhone to reboot, you need to use the “Dictation” service five times to say the word “Defis”. Following this, the mobile device will go to restart. Users have already tested such a secret combination of hyphens on different devices and came to the conclusion that such a problem really exists. At the same time, Apple has not yet commented on the discovery of a developer who accidentally found such a problem. Anyone can try it on their phone.

Of course, such a finding in iOS 12 can not be critical because it does not cause the mobile device to fail, but it is self-evident that the iPhone should not behave like this when entering the five-digit hyphen one after the other. Most likely, in the next few weeks Apple will fix this shortcoming, which was assumed by the guilty of some employee responsible for similar problems.


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