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Sony has recognized PlayStation 3 the worst gaming console

Sony has recognized PlayStation 3 the worst gaming console -
Written by Gloria Towolawi
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As one of Sony’s employees said, PlayStation 2 was just a perfect gaming gamer for gamers, but after it, the Japanese brand made a big mistake by releasing PlayStation 3. Now the management of the Japanese corporation believes its value at the start of sales is highly overpriced, and the quality of video games is far from so good as it should be in reality. In addition, the developers were given a monstrous SDK in all respects that did not allow them to create high-quality games at a minimal cost.

The release of the PS3 on the market was premature because of business problems that Sony faced. At the same time, for all the requests of gamers and developers the Japanese brand reacted too slowly – it could take several years before any or other option will be added to the SDK for creating games. In addition, the PlayStation Network was not prepared to enter the new generation console market, causing gamers to complain about high ping and connection problems for many years.

The experience of PlayStation 3 allowed Sony to understand what should be the best gaming console in the market, while the PS3 model all the company’s leadership now considers the worst console of all that were released to the market under the brand. Only at the end of its existence on the market, that is already in 2012 – 2014, managed to solve most of the problems, but at that time they were not very relevant, because the announcement and start of sales of the new items in the face of the PS4.

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