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Swedish smart watches can save lives in chemically hazardous places

Swedish smart watches -
Written by Gloria Towolawi
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Hydrogen sulfide, or H2S, is well known to all employees of sewage plants and oil and gas enterprises. This colorless gas does not only smell like an absurd egg, it is still poisonous and explosive. Even small concentrations of it irritate the mucous membrane and eyes, cause headaches, sometimes the vestibular apparatus is upset. Excess concentration concentration of 1000/1000 000 leads to loss of consciousness and even death. It is no coincidence that workers producing H2S supply special equipment for detecting this gas.

The Swiss company, North Eagles , which manufactures watches, has decided to provide its products with this sensor. Detecting a given concentration of hydrogen sulfide, the clock flashes, vibrates, alerts with a power up to 96 decibels. The device can be attached to a smartphone. Then from him the emergency team will send a message about the coordinates of gas leakage.

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