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Tesla electric pickup can show already in the summer

Tesla electric pickup -
Written by Gloria Towolawi
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As you know, Tesla’s plans for the near future include at least a compact Model Y crossover and electric pickup, which does not even have a name. Previously, it was believed that pickup will appear on the market the latest of what is known, but maybe Tesla has revised its plans.


Today, Ilon Mask during the conference said that the announcement of the car can take place already in the summer. It is worth noting that Mask did not assure that this would be the case. In addition, the announcement does not mean the start of sales in the near future – remember the new Roadster.


However, the very fact that earlier about the pickup talked the minimum in the context of 2020, and now suddenly Mask made such a statement, may be noted for the revision of plans. And for that you can find an explanation. The fact is that literally in recent months car manufacturers have become much more active in discussing this topic.


Initially, a lot of noise was made by the Rivian R1T, then Ford officially announced that it intends to create an electric pickup. Probably Tesla does not want to be behind. True, as before, the company all rests in the production capacity of both the machines themselves and the batteries, and now all the company’s strength is thrown on Model 3. So the pickup is unlikely to come out in the next couple of years, even if it will show in the summer.

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