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The CB Passive Income by Patric Chan Review

The CB Passive Income by Patric Chan Review -
Written by Gloria Towolawi
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The CB Passive Income by Patric Chan Really Work or Its a Scam ?


Today we are going to discuss automated software named CB Passive Income which is designed to automatically generate the passive income. CB Passive Income created by Patric Chan in 2013 for the beginners who are eager to earn money by working on the Internet. Chan have made sure that the subscriber does not need to configure the software. He even teaches how to generate the online traffic.


Patric Chan, the author of the bestselling millionaire Wakeup, paints an annual salary of seven figures. He is the founder of PagePress and NagScreen. His site is abundantly marked by endorsements. Chan is perfect for every internet marketer.


Let’s Check Overview of CB Passive Income


CB Passive Income is an autopilot program and powerful marketing software for making money on the Internet. This allows you to earn automatically without much effort. You just need to give up training and tools. If you aspire to be a professional in affiliate marketing but do not want to do yourself part of the sale, CB Passive Income is for you. It automates everything for you.


You are not required to sit and write content

You are not required to subscribe to membership

You do not have to pay for hosting

You are not required to create a list of products for sale

You do not have to send emails

You are not required to apply marketing efforts

You are not required to provide support services


Then what do you need to do? How will you earn? How does it work? So many questions can come to your mind.


You need to purchase software for marketing named CB Passive Income.

After registration, you receive a “special link”. This link should be shared online on different platforms.

You will need to manage the traffic of either solo ads, or Facebook marketing, youtube, guest blogs, answers to yahoo, etc.

People who click on your link are directed to the “secret cloning site.”

This page offers them various free tools and software to get them to subscribe. As soon as they subscribe, they are asked to enter their contacts by e-mail.

Then visitors are sent e-mails and newsletters periodically advertising the Clickbank products. (Conversion is most likely to happen because Clickbank only approves legitimate products.) Promoted products are trustworthy.

If they make a purchase, you get a percentage of their purchase as a commission. This can be about 50% of the purchase price. I think that the highest commission is paid on any partner platform.


This follows a very simple protocol, but at the same time profitable. You earn well if you make a few efforts to capture the lead. It is really convenient for any beginner to earn online without problems.


Do not worry if you do not know how to generate traffic online. This software comes with a “Compressing Page” for the “Quick Money” operation, a database of e-mails for your referrals and tutorials in the video format. For your convenience, there is also a free update and support team provided by the company. Walkthroughs are easy and informative. The video tutorials talk about the tactics of marketing in social networks.


In addition to this training material, there is a paid advertising guide. He uploaded the video to drive swarming traffic. There is backend system software that does everything for you. Automated monetization system monitors commissions and generated leaders. This allows you to immediately calculate your winnings. Versions are updated every year. You automatically get access to upcoming versions that you do not need to pay.


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Pros and Cons of CB Passive Income



You do not need a website. The software provides you a special landing page. You will save a lot of money, which otherwise you will spend on a domain, hosting and developing a landing page, autoresponders, content creation, etc.

This is a very simple software. You do not need to be technically savvy.

You do not need auto-responders to automate the sending of e-mail. CB Passive income does this on your behalf. He sends letters to your referrals.

You receive a database of email referrals. Of course, this is valuable for any affiliate marketing. I’ve learned a lot of email addresses to search for email addresses to get a valuable list of email addresses.

You should make less effort instead of a beautiful profit. You do not have to keep an inventory of items on the sales list. You have intelligent automated software to take responsibility for you.

When Patrick Chan says that he is selling, you mean a marketing team of professionals working for you. You expect to get more than lose.

It comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.




People have a lot of complaints about the software. I have also found several shortcomings that make people think that this is fraud.


As the name says, this is not a passive income. You finally need to generate leads to having people click on your link. People practice the creation of a personal website, regular forums, published links, events on social networks, and sometimes even paid to advertise. So, he no longer remains passive. There is an investment of money or time needed to get good results.

Although he gives a 60-day money-back guarantee, as soon as you are thereafter, there are conditions and regulations etc. They do not provide a free trial that would be in the interest of the subscriber.

Updated versions are said to qualify for free. However, they charge a fee for some excellent features that you are ready to use.

In fact, there is no autopilot working for you, allowing you to spend your free time. You literally have to sit with your back upright to generate potential customers and spend time on social networks or sunbathe after an answer or discussion on the forums. Do you still believe that there is an autopilot for you?

It was reported that video tutorials are usually downloads from youtube, access to which you can get for free. You actually pay for what’s free for everyone. Why pay for the membership plan?

This is for the e-mail database crawler. This is not the best way to create an email list. You can generate a list of email addresses, but do not really uniquely identify their interest and niche. This does not help you if you plan to launch your own campaign. Thus, your other efforts to send letters and newsletters will also be fruitful if the percentage of conversion is undesirable.




For some CB Passive Income can be fraud. This is misleading and cheats with the requirement of an autopilot. But I personally do not feel that this is fraud. There is a history of positive and negative reviews. If there are some people who lose in this game, there are also others who earned well. As for software, it can have more advantages to attract the Internet marketers.


This is common sense and knowledge that is applied correctly to gain benefits, especially in the niche of online marketing. You should not rely solely on software. To run a business first-hand, you must train yourself, not rely entirely on autopilots. The software should only help you.


A business based on knowledge and experience always costs a long time and then relies heavily on software.


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