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The Language of Desire

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Written by Gloria Towolawi
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The Language of Desire by Felicity Keith


The Language of Desire is a guide which has been designed to teach you how to use the right words and attitude to tempt a man and make him become sexually attracted in such a way that he only wants you. The program was developed by Felicity Keith in collaboration with Michael Fiore. Many modern women have problems in their relationships or with their dates, as they can be or become unwanted for men for certain reasons. The fact that many women do not know that lack of attractiveness is caused by their own behavior. The secret is to behave provocatively in order to awaken people’s fantasies.


Felicity Keith was looking for a way to break down boredom in her relationship, and she discovered how to get her man to be constantly interested in her. All the information she found is in the “Language of Desire” to help the other women do the same. Using the program, a woman can force her man to want her so much that he tries everything to please her.


The secret is to use psychological tricks, such as dirty conversations, to stimulate a person’s sexual thoughts. You should use dirty conversations in a way that sounds awkward or embarrassing. You do not want to be considered a naughty woman. The guide teaches you how to properly speak dirty without making your person laugh at you. The idea is not to make him laugh, but to seduce him.


Overview of The Language of Desire


All good information is contained in the 10-module course. The Language of Desire program can be downloaded in PDF format, as it comes in the form of a book. These modules will gradually provide you the detailed information on how you can better understand everything about your person. There are practical exercises in the course, such as the one that helps you learn how to correctly call your person to awaken his attention. Even if it seems that the product is designed to help women who are in a long-term relationship, the leadership can be used in case you are also in the stage of acquaintance.


When you get into the membership area, you’ll probably be amazed at the amount of detail that you can read. Despite this, the information is easy to read, because there are no medical or scientific terms. Felicity is the mother, who has been through a difficult time in her relationship. Then she understood the reason: there was a gap in her sexual life. The manual comes with three bonus materials: Silent Seduction, Unstoppable Confidence, and The Good Girl’s Guide to Texting Dirty.


Silent Seduction is a practical guide for seduction the man for women, including ways to use body language. Good Girl’s Guide to Texting Dirty contains over two hundred messages that you can send to your person to wake up his feelings. Unstoppable Confidence is a downloadable MP3 resource that contains 90 minutes of conversations and training sessions with Michael Fiore and Michael Griswy. This guide teaches the women how to be confident around men and use their female vulnerability to attract them.


What is remarkable about Felicity’s Language of Desire is that it helps you to understand yourself sexually as a woman. In the process, you gain knowledge that is critical to the survival of your relationship. You will discover a new person, you will develop your personality more, and in the end, you will be able to become the best women. Probably women who are really shy will do the most good. If you want your person to stop paying attention to his work, phone, TV or computer, when you are in his presence, follow the advice given in the manual.


At the beginning of the relationship, the attractiveness can reach the maximum level. Even if you have the prettiest person, the best character in the world and the perfect body, it can be difficult to focus your person’s attention on you in the long run. It is for this reason that even some of the best relationships fail, but yours will not if you do something. You can use the guide to transform your relationships into the best that can ever be. An interesting aspect of this product is that it can be used even by women who have men who they like in all respects because they can use the information to maintain a fortune in their couple.


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Pros and Cons of The Language of Desire




The Language of Desire product can be instantly received in the zone of participation after its purchase.

This is a program free from any risk due to a 60-day money-back policy. You can return your money in two months if you are not satisfied with the results.

The information contained in the course is the result of many years of life experience accumulated by the author.

The course is well structured in 10 modules, which simplifies learning. There is a practical side to the course, and you can take notes if you want.

Compared to other programs of this type, this also affects the sexual side of the relationship.

You will receive three bonus materials with a guide.

The content is easily tracked, you can also listen to MP3 content. The product can work for any woman, any age and any relationship.




The Language of Desire is available only as a PDF file, which you can download. There is no physical book.

You can find this guide online only.

For men, there are no recommendations, since the book is specifically designed for women.





The Language of Desire is a comprehensive reference book on relationships that women can use for their sex life with their partners. The program is based on the real-life experiences of a woman, and that’s what makes it really useful. With presented step by step information, women can have a powerful weapon at their disposal, called seduction. Regardless of whether you use this program as recommendations for dating or for returning to a long-term relationship, the details presented in it will be of great value for what you spend.


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