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The Magic of Making up

The Magic of Making up -
Written by Gloria Towolawi
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The Magic of making up

The Magic of making up is probably the most popular ebook, in which tips are provided on how to get your ex back after he/she drops you or break up.

We are going to discuss these things in this article

1- Overview of The Magic of Making up

2- Pros & Cons

3- The Magic of Making up is much suitable for Men or Women

4- Conclusion

Overview of The Magic of Making up

At first glance, its overall packaging is a little outdated (without formatting, ugly images that look like e-books about 2000 years ago) – this immediately makes you feel that this is not a high-quality product. At first glance, it can be a waste of time to write it down, but the content is actually much better than the impression of the package.

Pros and Cons of The Magic of Making up


The Magic of Making up has many advantages. It is well structured and has a clear, gradual process that is well thought out. Most of the content is based on the current principles of psychology.

The best thing about The Magic of Making up is its simplicity and the level of friendliness associated with the first reader psychology and relationship. When their beloved friend breaks up with them, most men will take their first relationship or book the dates. So, in this respect, the content is well adapted to the audience – everyone can easily read the book and use it easily, because it describes everything in a simple and “easiest” way.

We are going to share with you an example of this advantage for you is that you are told at every stage of The Magic of Making up that this has nothing to do with many examples. This is great, because it leaves no guesswork for novice readers. He often lists what you should not do, which will help you avoid big mistakes.


This book is written for men and women. This weakens the advice, because this usually applies to both sexes, which is not much suitable thing as we know that men and women differ from each other and have different relationships. If you look at the market for meetings, you will find that in most cases there are obvious differences between coaches and trainers, helping women and helping men.  It happened not accidentally, because the council must comply with the requirements of $ex.

Having written for both sexes, the author tries to please both sides, and not only to those who help meet their needs and problems.


The Magic of Making up is for Men instead of Women

1. The presented situation is unrealistic or possible for the “man”, but there is no clear explanation. I know a lot about meetings and offers, so I know very well – I’m worried that it will not be the person reading this book.

The book is too “gentle to say,” and it’s very good for male advice. For a person who simply broke up with his girlfriend, this is not because he is too weak (this is the main reason why women are dropping men).

Note.  We, of course, consider this solely because it is useful for a man who broke up with his ex-girlfriend and wants her to return.

Excessive Simplification

Whenever possible, I try to simplify, but there are things that you can not cut corners, because this can lead to errors. This is the Achilles heel of The Magic of Making up.

This is especially true of information and advice on the two parts of the process, understanding the causes of disintegration and coming back with your ex.

Understanding why you broke up gives some misleading ideas that simplify everything (the author says that men and women are different). Since he did not offer you to act on the basis of this information (this is only for your own psychology), this is not a big problem. I can let it pass.

The big problem is that T.W. Jackson suggests in The Magic of Making up that you use some strategies that will help you rebuild your relation with ex. Two examples are technologies, called instant reconnect technology, and the other – handwritten letters. In many cases, these methods may become strange or may further reduce the attractiveness of former girlfriends. I strongly recommend that you do not use them (if you get this book), because they can be counterproductive.

These methods often do not provide enough information to help you calibrate as needed (required for success and avoid annoying bounce).

One of the reasons for this is that the book is very short, with 62 pages and a large font, just not large enough to cover the land it is trying to cover. The author also made his way into his area of ​​expertise, such as advice on nutrition and fitness (obsolete and not very good quality), occupying 62 pages of valuable space that can be used to add additional information to his proposed activities.

Another problem is that he recommends using high-risk technology with low income. In most cases, they have a high risk of causing more damage without much growth. A handwritten letter is an example – I see how it works in some very concrete examples, but they are not the most common examples. It’s just a very bad idea.


The Magic of Making up Product recommendation is in between good and medium. Due to the simplification of the Achilles heel and the danger of harming your chances of your ex, we recommend that you do not use this product.

I know, you are thinking that TheBlogPoint review is totally different from all other internet resources and even against the some products. Its reason is simple. We are here not only for sells but to help the others. There are lots of others products which are most suitable for getting your ex back to you like Ex Back Goddess. You can try or at least read it out instead of The Magic of Making up.


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