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The main feature of Windows 10 officially failed

The main feature of Windows 10 officially failed
Written by Gloria Towolawi
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Literally the other day, the American corporation Microsoft has officially recognized the main feature of the operating system Windows 10 as a whole right, and it is proved by the fact that in the new collection “vindy” from it there was no trace, even though during the announcement of this OS in 2015, the developers told , how necessary and useful thing is “living tiles”. For more than three years of staying the tenth “vindy” on the market, users have not understood why all these “living tiles” are needed at all. On the contrary, many were looking for information on how to get rid of them, which can be partially made using third-party software, but it is impossible to completely remove them from the operating system. In the new build of Windows 10 with the number 19H1 of this main feature, they refused, and it was not just turned off, but generally removed from all software,


Now Windows 10 users on the Start menu do not have the ability to fix somehow new applications that were previously happening automatically. From now on, all the elements in the main whole operating system are static, that is, they do not change their appearance. Simply put, Microsoft decided to return to the sources, because the full normal Start menu was in Windows 7, and then it was not the nicest thing to start with it.


Of course, there will be such users who will miss the “living tiles”, but it is clear to myself that on computers and tablets there is absolutely no sense to them. They only interfere with working space, because instead of them it was possible to simply place shortcuts to launch the required software. Apparently, even Microsoft’s leadership understood and acknowledged that the trick with “living tiles”, first appeared in Windows 8, was completely failing.


The final collection of the Windows 10 operating system with the updated Start menu should be released in April this year, but now everyone can install it by participating in the insider’s program for obtaining early access.

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