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Modern home video surveillance camera Arlo Ultra shoot at 4K

home video surveillance camera Arlo Ultra -
Written by Gloria Towolawi
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Home surveillance systems are becoming increasingly popular every year. And while many inexpensive camera models do not even support Full HD, the Arlo Ultra camera has 4K HDR support.


The novelty is not yet on the official site, although there is a press release. But the Best Buy store has already started accepting previous orders for the device. For a single cell, a large $ 400 for this segment is requested, a set of two costs $ 600, three cameras will cost $ 800, and four will cost $ 1,000.


As already mentioned, the main feature of the camera is the ability to shoot video in 4K from HDR. Not the fact, that this is very necessary for the surveillance camera, but the additional separation ability in certain situations may not be superfluous.


One can also note the viewing angle of 180 degrees, two microphones, a night vision function and a system of artificial intelligence to determine objects. For local storage of records, it is possible to install microSD cards. For full use of the camera, you need to purchase and subscribe to the service Arlo Smart Premie, which will cost $ 120 a year. Buy a camera will be available early next year.

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