The owner of BlackBerry and Alcatel is preparing just five sophisticated smartphones with flexible screens

The owner of BlackBerry and Alcatel -
Written by Gloria Towolawi

TCL, which owns the brands of smartphones BlackBerry and Alcatel, runs immediately over five variants of mobile devices with flexible screens. This was announced by the CNET edition, which received access to official computer models and patent images.


Five projects describe very different devices. Two of them are more like flattened tablets. The other two are not along the length, but across the flexible display, like the phones of the clamshells of the past. The fifth smartphone can rotate around your hand, turn into a kind of bracelet and work like a smart watch.


One of the “Tablet” smartphones is a screen inside, and the other – the screen outside. “Long” clamshell smartphones also bend inside and out, respectively. None of the five designs does not use the design with a second display, like a sophisticated Samsung smartphone.


Expecting the rapid release of such devices under the brands of BlackBerry and Alcatel yet not worth it. As the head of TCL told reporters CNET earlier, the first complex device the company will release only in 2020.