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The service life of the folding smartphone Huawei Mate X impressed everyone

Huawei Mate X -
Written by Gloria Towolawi
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After the presentation of the expensive flagship with a flexible screen, which will cost 2,300 euros, journalists were given the opportunity to personally test this device to evaluate all its benefits. However, none of the Huawei employees could then say what the lifetime of this smartphone is, since the folding case may fail, as well as the flexible screen. If the latter will deploy tens of times a day, in a few months it may turn out to be deformed, which will make the picture unpleasant for the eyes. On February 26, 2019, the official source in the name of brand management revealed the life of the smartphone Huawei Mate X, and the reported data impressed everyone.

It is reported that with the active daily use of a folding smartphone, equipped with a flexible screen, will be able to work perfectly without any defects at least two years, and this is absolutely accurate. To do this, Huawei has been carrying out special laboratory tests that lasted several weeks. During this time, the flagship Mate X was continuously bent and extended to figure out how quickly its screen deformed. Also, the official source said that the corporation is ready to release about 100 thousand copies of this smartphone a month. It turns out that at its price, if the phone is enough for about 800 days of use, every day of its use will cost 3 euros.


Production will begin a few weeks before the start of sales, in order to accumulate sufficient inventory. Production capacities, if necessary, will increase steadily, but Huawei itself does not expect huge demand for Mate X because of its high cost. That’s why in some countries this smartphone may not go on sale at all, but the final decision on this matter has not yet been taken. Sales of this smartphone should begin in the summer of 2019, and buy a model with 8 GB of RAM and 512 GB will be available.

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