Types of Markers and their Areas of Application

Written by Hafiz asif

Of course, the most sought-after writing materials are pens and pencils. However, in some cases, you just need to use special markers that are designed to perform some important functions. We will tell you about the useful properties and types of markers in this article.

Markers are considered a type of marker and are often used in manufacturing establishments and offices.

Varieties of markers
Markers are used in educational institutions, warehouses, offices, etc. With their help, you can select the desired text, sign an object, draw a vivid picture with any sketch pencil, etc. Highlighters and markers are most often used for presentation boards. The first option is especially useful for students who have to write voluminous notes. It is much easier to assimilate information that is formatted in tables, diagrams, and also highlighted in different colors. Therefore, such products usually have bright ink: yellow, pink, light green, etc. The main thing is that the marker should highlight and underline the text, leaving it readable.

Highlighters are suitable for different types of paper. They are not smeared or erased, so they can be safely used for writing in notebooks. There are also fluorescent markers. It can be assumed that the text written by them will glow in the dark. However, in most cases, this is the name for ordinary highlighters, which write in brighter and more catchy colors.

Whiteboard or flipchart markers are filled with special ink. The text written by them can be easily erased with a special sponge. These products will allow you to make a presentation quickly and efficiently. You will be able to draw a table or diagram on the board, write down a formula or other information. It is worth buying such a stationery in offices where press conferences, presentations, meetings and various meetings are constantly held.

Recently, product labeling has been gaining momentum. Various things in warehouses, shops, shopping centers can be signed and price marked using an ordinary felt-tip pen. However, not all surfaces remain stable and clear. Therefore, there are special permanent markers on the stationery market. They are able to write on almost any material: wood, leather, plastic, film, glass, plaster, ceramics and other stationery items etc. Such products leave a bright mark that is almost impossible to erase. Permanent paint markers are popular today. Their inks have a special sheen, and their colors include shades of metals such as gold or silver. These markers are great for decorating various surfaces.

Those who have had to sign discs know that not every marker will write clearly on their surface. Ink smears on the glossy surface of the disc. Therefore, it is better to choose special markers for such a purpose. They are durable and will not fade.

Form and ink for markers
Various inks are used to refill markers. As a rule, permanent models are produced on an alcohol or water basis. In the first case, the felt-tip pen leaves a waterproof mark that is not afraid of high temperatures and moisture. The disadvantage of such products is an unpleasant odor. Water-based markers do not have a harsh scent, leave a rich color, are fade-resistant and do not bleed on paper.

In cheap products, the ink can be based on benzene, so it takes a very long time to dry and gets very dirty. Reflex ink is durable enough to not bleed through the back of the paper.

Bars in markers can have different diameters depending on their type:

for CD, DVD – 0.6-6 mm;
highlighters – 1-4 mm;
fluorescent water-based – up to 5 mm;
permanent alcohol-based – 1 mm, etc.

The marker consists of a body, a rod and a filler. The body protects the product from drying out and weathering. The writing tip is closed with a cap. On the other hand, there is a special plug. It protects the rod from damage and prevents it from falling out. If the marker is reusable, it is equipped with a removable cap.

The nib is one of the most important parts of the marker. It is a rod made of felt, lavsan or other similar material. If it is too soft, the tip will soon deform. The length of the nodule also plays an important role. If it is larger than 4 mm, the highlighter dries faster.

The tip can be of various shapes: round, flat, wedge-shaped. The shape of the line depends on the shape and thickness of the bar. When choosing a marker, you must be guided by what you need it for. For text selection, the flat and wide nib tip is suitable. It also comes in handy for creating graphic art. This tip is useful for drawing frames and other wide lines. Round-shaded markers are often used for whiteboards and flipcharts. Slim models with a soft tip are suitable for calligraphy, while hard rods are used when creating drawings. Products with a thick nib are perfect for background shading.

There are also markers with a brush rod. They make great drawing tools. Such products are used by professional artists. They are able to leave a clear mark not only on paper but also on fabric.

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