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Unlock Her Legs By Bobby Roi

Unlock Her Legs Bobby Roi -
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Does Unlock Her Legs by Bobby Roi is a Scam?


Hello, today I have an interesting overview of the very popular dating and attraction guide, which is called “Unlock her legs – the scrambler method” by Rob Judge and Bobby Rio.


But can this guide help you to unlock her legs? Will it be “difficult to get a girl” for your touch? This is a real question. I hope that this review will help you to shed the light on the program.


Just like most men, there was a time when I struggled very hard with my relationship, so this is a topic in which I have a lot of experience and an object that I have been trying to improve my knowledge for several years.


The creators or author of the program Rob Judge and Bobby Rio are well-known experts in the field of relationships, with whom I have been working online for a long time. Due to its popularity, the guide has really become popular among the people.


Overview of Unlock her Legs – A Scrambler Method


The main idea here is that the most women usually want what they cannot have. They always want something complicated. For example, if a lady knows that you are in love with her, she will look like “Oh, well, I think I’ll have to look at other options that I have because this guy has already wrapped my fingertips.


That is why most women fall in love with “players” who do not like to stick to one woman. It seems that these guys have some natural ability to receive any girl when they want. It may seem that it is always too simple and easy for players who usually get hot and beautiful girls without much effort or struggling at all. But what these guys really do is keep the girl on their feet and be her challenge, while the guys who do the opposite always guess and pursue the girls with little success or no success at all.


Using “Unlock her legs guide” Rob and Bobby show you a mind game that you can use to get hot girls to chase you. This is the basic idea around Scrambler. It’s about making this hot girl go after you, and not go after her. This is called “Chase Reflex“, and the scrambler focuses on the following simple steps to achieve this scenario:


Uncertainty / Confidence Level:  This is the first step, and he concentrates on understanding how to question her consciousness, which will eventually return her to you. This step will teach you how to achieve this, whether you are already married, in a relationship or even just chatting with a lady.


Strength:  this second step teaches a person how to gain power and control in a relationship, and is created to make the girl want you more and more.


Validation: This third step is designed to teach a person how to get a girl to seek confirmation from him. In fact, this means that a person will be taught to create scripts that will always make her look for your approval.


Expectation: This fourth step will teach you how to do simple things that will make it impatient for you to expect from you what you are going to do next, which should ultimately bring the girl to you faster.


Bonuses with Unlock Her Legs or Scrambler Guide


In addition to the main guide, you will also receive a lot of additional materials. Unlock Your Legs is an e-book that can be easily downloaded.


Additional materials:


She sends you sandals

Invisible escalation

Druid Destroyer Sequence

Erogenous zones

The magnetic picture of the effect

Twelve chats/conversations, so that the hot girl fell in love with you.


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Pros and Cons of Unlock Her Legs



One of the main advantages of Unlock Her Legs e-book is that you can use strategies and techniques for any girl, no matter if you studied at school with her back in those days, with someone you are friends with, or she is an employee.

In addition, as mentioned above, the manual or guide contains additional material that can be very useful for improving both your dating and sexual life.




The guide comes with a lot of bonus materials that can take you enough time and determination to completely go through everything.

In addition, to learn how to use all described methods, it may take some time, so if you are of those guys who are impatient, Unlock Her Legs may not be the right program for you.




Despite the fact that I like Bobby’s products in general, I’m skeptical about this. After carefully studying this guide, I noticed that there are some very important tips that any guy can learn from The Scrambler, which will definitely improve his dating and sex life.

The result – there are different creative techniques, both physical and psychological, that if you use them well, you will definitely get more hot girls than you expect. I would recommend “Unlock her legs” – the program “Scrambler method” for a guy who is looking forward to getting “difficult to get chic” and having sex with her or just wants to take the upper hand in his relationship.


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