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Users of Windows 7 will be forced to move to Windows 10

All computers on Windows 7 are forcibly restricted -
Written by Gloria Towolawi
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As it became known on January 31, 2019, Microsoft began to show users of Windows 7-based computers that were connected to the Internet with messages saying that their operating system would soon stop receiving updates (for free), resulting in even critical vulnerabilities which can be found will not be eliminated. That is why the American corporation strongly advises to upgrade to Windows 10 right now, but it does not provide a free license.


Apparently, users can not completely refuse to display the new Windows 10 banner. As some Windows 7-based computer owners write, it is now displayed not every time you turn on the computer, but you can not disable its demo in the settings. . On it Microsoft has listed the main disadvantages that await users who will not install a new OS. This should make many think about updating in the near future.


So, for example, Microsoft can not promise the full use of the Office Office 365 Office suite, which, after the termination of Windows 7 software, can begin to run on computers under its control incorrectly. To prevent this from occurring, users are literally forcibly trying to force a click on the download button and the Windows 10 installation. Such measures should lead to the fact that many users of the seventh “win” nevertheless pay attention to installing a new one that has a lot of new features and capabilities.

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