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Venus Factor Xtreme Review

Venus Factor Xtreme -
Written by Gloria Towolawi
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Does Venus Factor Xtreme Really Work


A new product has reached to the health and fitness world. It is called Venus Factor Xtreme (VFX) body system by John Barber. Let’s take a look into it.


Who is the Author of Venus Factor Xtreme?


John Barban is the author of Venus Factor Xtreme who is actually a nutritionist and fitness coach by profession from Canada. He obtained master’s degree in human biology and nutrition from Guelph University Ontario.


With respect to educational and professional career, John has deep knowledge and research in the field of biology and nutrition. John Barban also worked in the sports and supplements industry of almost 8 years, and he still control the formula and product development of FIFA companies. John is an absolute expert in health and fitness industry!


The john barban body system named as Venus Factor Xtreme is designed especially for women. It is not a secret that men and women need completely different food and exercises to lose weight.


Overview of Venus Factor Xtreme

The Venus Factor Xtreme (VFX) body system properly teaches the women about their body system as well as also teaches how women can reduce their body weight.


John provides special food in Venus Factor Xtreme and proper time planning for women to reduce the weight. Actually, this body system or VFX helps to re-balancing the leptin hormones through the leptin diet which he has described in his system.


The VFX body system is simply for those women who want to lose their weight. It’s not based on any kind of “miracle”. This is especially based on the proper nutrition information to deals with the hormone levels.


This program gains my interest because the author claims that most of the women are trying to reduce their weight but unfortunately they gain weight instead of losing. The VFX body plan contains very effective exercise strategies as well as a diet plan that is very easy to follow.


As I said earlier, men and women are quite different with respect to their body so their diet and exercises should also be different. So, this program is designed only with respect to women body.


What is in Venus Factor Xtreme


Venus Factor Xtreme (VFX) body system consists of 4 main components:


Custom Nutrition Software – It described in detail about daily and weekly recommended calories based on your body as well as nutrition preferences.


Nutrition Guide – This guide consists on your personal meal plans based on your taste, also educate you to design the perfect food to meet your body’s nutritional needs.


140+ Premium Video Coaching / Exercise Lesson – It is designed to help you to learn the appropriate form as well as how you should practice it. Your muscles must be properly used so that your body is completely smooth and modest. The best part is that you can perform these workouts at the comfort of your home.


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Pros and Cons of Venus Factor Xtreme



Most importantly, it is designed by a professional weight loss coach John Barbara

Keep in mind that it is designed only for women.

Easy to understand and follow.

Women of any background can use it and enjoy the results





Venus Factor Xtreme only available in digital format.

Internet connection is necessary to get access.





I think it’s really a helpful tool to reduce the body weight. I think it’s completely sound good and scientifically proven, but you still need to work to get the full effect. In addition, it also offers a 60 days money back guarantee to its customers. So, if you feel that the program is not a good fit for you, you can claim your refund within the 60 days, from the day of purchase.


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