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What a dangerous custom firmware for Android

Dangerous Custom Firmware -
Written by Gloria Towolawi
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What a dangerous custom firmware for Android


The ability to install custom firmware is exactly what many users love android. Castons allow you to expand the functionality of compatible devices, eliminating the need to fill the lack of third-party software. But since many firmwares are created on bare enthusiasm without looking at the legal component, often there are all kinds of confusion that endangers users and negatively affects the credibility of developers.

As it turned out, custom firmware Pixel Experience for a long time listened to its users and sent the received records to third-party server companies.

The problem of data leakage stems from the functional features of the firmware, which is capable in the background to recognize all the music that plays within the sensitivity of the smartphone. Thanks to this chip, users did not require applications like Shazam and its like, since the recognition was available by default.

That’s just for the recognition of not their own developer algorithms, and the AudD service with an open API. Thus, smartphones from Pixel Experience actually played the role of repeaters, since they recorded what was happening round the user around the clock and sent the received information to the server AudD. With the same success, the AudD server could be replaced by any other. As a result, the transfer of confidential information of publicity and the risk of disclosure of privacy of users.

According to representatives of AudD, as soon as they learned that someone is continuously sending data to their server, they figured out the situation and turned off the API for Pixel Experience. But just imagine what could lead to uncontrolled “draining” of the round-the-clock recording of users.

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