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WhatsApp allowed reading deleted messages

WhatsApp -
Written by Gloria Towolawi
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Ability to delete messages from yourself and the other person appeared in WhatsApp in 2018. It allows you to delete a sent message for a limited period of time so that no one can read it or forward it. Such an innovation received controversial feedback from users, but the developers did not refuse to give it. As it turned out, in this service there is a special bug that allows you to read deleted messages, the Daily Mirror edition writes .


The journalists found that by default on WhatsApp, immediately after installing it on a smartphone running iOS or Android, a setup is set up that is responsible for backing up data. If you suddenly need access to an already deleted mail, you need to remove the messenger from your smartphone, and then reinstall it, which takes no more than five minutes. After the installation, you need to restore the data from the backup, after which all the deleted messages will be displayed.


Simply put, the WhatsApp Messenger lets you restore the chat archive with deleted entries, which can sometimes be useful. Most likely, developers will fix this shortcoming in the future, or they will not, on the contrary, do it, stating that this state of affairs is not a bug, but a feature of the system for removing messages. There is also another way to read deleted messages. To do this, a smartphone running Android needs to install a special software that will save the content of messages from certain programs.

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