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WhatsApp Has Introduced A New Constraint On Correspondence

WhatsApp -
Written by Gloria Towolawi
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WhatsApp Has Introduced A New Constraint On Correspondence


A few hours ago, the press service of the Facebook social network, which is responsible for the WhatsApp Messenger, said that restrictions were added to the service for communicating to limit the ability of all users. For months, there have been reports from India that some people were brutally murdered because the intruders called him a dangerous person by sending hundreds of thousands of people to the news. The authorities tried to deal with it with any available means, but nothing helped.

That is why the WhatsApp administration has had to introduce restrictions in order to prevent the service from blocking in the whole of India, and it works worldwide, including in Ukraine. Its essence is that now you can send a single message to no more than five contacts, and the third party to send anything is generally prohibited. Similar measures, according to the management of the service, will help get rid of false rumors and allegations, which are spread, assume a group of individuals.

Up to this moment, users could send messages to no more than 20 users, and they did not necessarily have to be in the contact list. It was quite enough to know their numbers, which was used by intruders. So far, it’s hard to say, will help such an innovation in WhatsApp to stop the brutal killings of people in India or not, but such a measure will surely upset a lot of users, since now it will be much more difficult to share any information right away with several people than before.

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