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Whitestone Dome Glass Protective Glass for Samsung Galaxy S10 does not require a fingerprint recognition hole

Samsung Galaxy S10 Emperor Version -
Written by Gloria Towolawi
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The creators of Whitestone Glass Dome claim that this is the only protective glass for the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Samsung Galaxy S10 + smartphones, which does not need a fingerprint recognition hole.


As we have already noted, manufacturers of protective films and glasses during the test found that the screen-facing fingerprint reader Samsung Galaxy S10 is working very badly, which is why the film has to make a hole.


When creating this glass was used technology of liquid optical transparent adhesive (Liquid Optical Clear Adhesive), which prevents the appearance of any spaces between the screen and glass. This ensures stable operation of the sub-screen fingerprint reader.


Patented liquid glass is evenly distributed across the screen, filling out existing scratches and removing existing scratches, and then hardens. In addition, this glass also covers the curved edges of the screen, which often get damaged.

The package includes the necessary tools for installing glass without air bubbles.

The package with two glasses can be ordered for $ 60.

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