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Windows 10 hurts users to a terrible luck

The main feature of Windows 10 officially failed
Written by Gloria Towolawi
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Microsoft’s corporation Microsoft has ceased to give Windows 10 due attention, which leads to very large problems for many people. Though the yard is already in 2019, but the company’s leadership can not understand that for most people, a personal computer is not a means of entertainment, but a work tool, from which the productivity depends on the ability to earn money. On the contrary, developers are doing their best to make life more difficult for users.


Released in the spring of last year, a major update, immediately after installation on many computers, has led to the perpetual reboot of the operating system. The solution to the problem was the reinstallation of the OS, as during the upgrade process, Windows 10 for some reason skipped some important files, that is, starting a computer without reinstalling the main software was simply impossible. The next big update came last autumn, and after its installation, many found missing personal data.

During the investigation, it was found that when installing an update on Windows 10, the operating system somehow tries to transfer all personal data to users in the cloud storage of OneDrive, and when it does not, it starts selectively deleting the files. Many have lost more than 500 GB of personal content, from photos to valuable documents. This is all because Microsoft employees are testing every major update for more than six months. Everything points out that Windows 10, because of the lack of the ability to refuse to install updates, drove users to a terrible fate. Unfortunately, there is no need to hope for improvement in the future.


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