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Windows 10 updates are priced

The main feature of Windows 10 officially failed
Written by Gloria Towolawi
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As it became known from the British edition Which , which conducted a survey in the UK, Microsoft offers users a low-quality software, which leads to problems. In a survey of more than 4,000 people, as many as 46% of the respondents said that after installing large updates on Windows 10, and these are released every six months, they are faced with poor performance of the electronic device. As a rule, it starts to slow down, or some applications that have worked previously stop running.


The situation is further complicated by the fact that Microsoft prohibits de-installation of updates for Windows 10, which sooner or later they have to install. Since most people are not able to independently determine the specific cause of the problems, they have to seek help from professionals who for the money return the computer to the former speed, as well as solve problems with the disability of a software. All 43% of the respondents who referred to major problems after installing major updates found out how much they paid to specialists.


As a result, the average value turned out at 67 pounds. This suggests that upgrades for Windows 10 for many people have become payable. Users do not have to pay Microsoft, but to other people who are well versed in the “win” and solve the various problems faced by users. And all this despite the fact that the license for this OS, that is, having given such a sum of money for licensed software, the owners of the computer will have to pay extra almost after installing each update. At the same time, Microsoft has never denied that installing updates for the operating system can actually fail.

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