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Working folding Samsung Galaxy Fold looks incredible

Samsung Galaxy Fold -
Written by Gloria Towolawi
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The journalists from the portal  LetsGoDigital  have shared new images of the Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphone, although its exact name is still unknown. The mobile device looks the same as in a commercials video of the South Korean corporation, which it has published on the global network most recently. As you can easily see, the phone has two screens. The first one can be used when the smartphone is in a locked state, but the second one is only available when using the entire device in tablet mode.


If the new Samsung Galaxy Fold really looks like it’s very likely, then it’s a huge success. The novelty will receive an 8-core Exynos 9820 processor with a modem with support for 5G networks. There will be no usual 3.5mm headphone jack on this phone, but the USB Type-C interface, with the second generation, is waiting for everyone. According to some reports, this device will be available in versions with 8/128 GB and 12/512 GB of memory, which cost $ 1,800 and $ 2,300 respectively.


Obviously, at such a high cost, you can afford to buy this smartphone with a complex screen, not all, and there is no special meaning in this, because for such money you can buy a full flagship smartphone, as well as the best tablet on the market, such as 12.9 – Inch iPad Pro. It’s hard to say who will want to buy Samsung Galaxy Fold for personal use for such money, but almost certainly the main rate is for people who need a full-fledged computer at hand to be able to quickly complete their work tasks.

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