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Xiaomi Called The Main Feature Of The Firmware MIUI 11

Firmware MIUI 11 -
Written by Gloria Towolawi
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Xiaomi Called The Main Feature Of The Firmware MIUI 11


As learned from Xiaomi’s head, the main feature of the firmware MIUI 11 will be a more interesting interface than the MIUI 10 and earlier versions of the corporate envelope. Information about this came from Weibo’s social network, where such a post appeared. It is noted that users are waiting for a more convenient, intuitive and simple interface, which, among other things, will be more beautiful than any previous. In the future, absolutely certain information about other features of the latest software will appear.

There is every reason to believe that in the firmware MIUI 11 developers will add support for the dark themes of registration, which users can manually, or automatically by setting the parameters for this in the settings. It goes without saying that along with the proprietary operating system, Xiaomi in this case will add support for the dark design to all its standard applications, which by default are installed on smartphones and tablets.

Thus, already in 2019, owners of mobile devices and tablets from the company Xiaomi expect several significant innovations, all of which relate to the interface. It will include a new beautiful animation, new icons, support for the dark mode, as well as a number of other features. Most likely, in the second quarter of this year, developers will show what the latest software will look like, and will report when its test suite gets out.

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