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Xiaomi Has Greatly Raised Prices For All Smartphones

Xiaomi raised prices of mobiles -
Written by Gloria Towolawi

Xiaomi Has Greatly Raised Prices For All Smartphones


January 14, 2019, Xiaomi Wang Teng’s New Product Manager in Weibo’s social network reported that the company had to raise the price of all smartphones that will enter the market in the future. On average, each phone within its range will become more expensive by 10 – 15% than its predecessors. In this case, the profit of the Chinese corporation will not increase, because all the extra money will go to pay the cost of production.

It is noted that every year modern telephones become more and more technological, receiving support for the latest technologies. In this case, components do not fall in price very quickly, due to which Xiaomi is forced to increase the cost of its new branded products. It was also possible to find out that the flagship smartphone Mi 8, released in the first half of 2018, will no longer be cheaper. Recall that over the past year, he twice became cheaper at official outlets.

Xiaomi’s company intends to keep the minimum wage on each of its phones in order to offer buyers the lowest possible prices for their branded products. Without raising the cost of smartphones by 10 – 15% it is impossible to introduce the latest technology and advanced technical equipment. For residents of Ukraine all this means that new gadgets from this manufacturer will cost significantly more than before. It’s not just about increasing its cost, but also in strengthening the yuan as the world’s currency.

The Chinese national currency is more expensive, the higher the price for all Chinese smartphones and other goods from this country.