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Xiaomi has released a $ 230 children’s Bluetooth headset

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Written by Gloria Towolawi
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Last year, Xiaomi announced the Mi Bunny Storyteller Mini toy with a built-in music drive. The new version got the built-in Bluetooth and turned into a full-fledged portable speaker.


The Xiaomi branded rabbit gadget is designed for children under the age of 6. It is enclosed in a sturdy ABS plastic housing. Hat and ears are made of food silicone that can withstand the pressure of the baby’s teeth. Memory capacity has increased from 8 to 16 gigabytes, and it also has the ability to listen to audio from the smartphone. The company collaborates with the Chinese Jiqid service to download children’s audio podcasts, fun songs, lullabies and word-learning programs. It is made faster for convenience, since content can be taken from any source.


There are 20 options for soothing sounds that will help your child fall asleep in the device. Rabbit is controlled using buttons on the body. The bottom includes a colored light of the ears that pulses in the beat of the music. Inside there is a 40-mm speaker and an 800 mAh battery. The battery life of the manufacturer does not specify.


In the home market, the new version of Xiaomi Mi Bunny Storyteller Mini costs the same 149 yuan, or about $ 22. On the popular online platforms, the original MITU Mini Story Teller model without Bluetooth will cost at least $ 30 (830 USD).

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