Xiaomi Mi 9 can become the most musical smartphone in history of company

Mi 9 in pink -
Written by Gloria Towolawi
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Xiaomi continues to disclose details of its Mi 9 smartphone. At such a pace until the announcement of the mystery we will have only a price.

So, this time, director of the company Lei Jun (Lei Jun) touched on the issue of sound. He said that the flagship will receive high-quality “superlinear” emitters size 12 x 17 mm. Under the superline, it probably means the use of Super Linear Magnet technology.

In addition, the cameras themselves, in which the speakers will be placed, are covered with special material to increase the low frequency and increase the volume.

Also worth noting is the NXP Smart PA amplifier and some patented MiSound technology that will allow you to adjust the sound.

At the moment, the Mi 9 already looks quite impressive even against the background of the previous flagships Xiaomi. So the issue of sales and prices remains. Mi 9 will definitely not be cheaper than Mi 8, and is unlikely to start at the same price, but it’s better to wait for the announcement, scheduled to be reminded, on February 20th.