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Xiaomi Mi Band 4 impresses millions of people with the most important feature

Xiaomi Mi Band 4(2) -
Written by Gloria Towolawi
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Competition in the market of sports bracelets in 2018 has increased to the limit, due to which next year the public will present a novelty called Xiaomi Mi Band 4. Like many other electronic gadgets, will receive several differences from their predecessor, but the most important thing will be only one, and will become such a GPS module. With it, users will be able to track their location in space without using a smartphone.


In the fourth generation of the branded gadget gadget (Mi Band 3), Xiaomi made a big bet on improving its sports component. The bracelet has added support for more than ten different sports, but it’s just the beginning. As we found out, the fitness trainer Xiaomi Mi Band 4 will screw up millions of people, because it will get a GPS module. It can be used not only for tracking your location, for example, while doing sports, but for other tasks as well.


The introduction of GPS will allow you to find out the speed of travel, the average pace, the passage of the course or distance, and this module will make more accurate the process of counting the distance traveled and, of course, burned calories. With this component, owners of the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 will be able to receive much more diverse information about their health, but all this has one significant minus. With active GPS the battery will be discharged 2 – 4 times faster, that is, charging the tracker will have to be approximately twice a week.

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