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Xiaomi smartphone with two symmetrical screen cuts poses on a renderer

Xiaomi Redmi Go -
Written by Gloria Towolawi
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Four days ago, a schematic image of a possible Xiaomi smartphone with two symmetrical screen cuts appeared on the web, accompanied by a corresponding patent application to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Well, now the well-known graphic designer Ben Geskin made a render on the grounds of the scheme.


Perhaps the most controversial seems to be the third option, where the screen not only chambers, but also sensors or some small auxiliary elements. Probably the user will feel that it’s some kind of sand or dust hit the display.


With large cameras, of course, will not be. But here’s another moment. Even one cropped camera in the same Samsung Galaxy S10e seems to be an alien element, especially when the smartphone is turned on, what’s already to be said about two, and still located on different sides?


In short, the idea, of course, has the right to life, but far from the fact that Xiaomi will bring it to commercial use.

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