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Xiaomi Started Work On MIUI 11

Xiaomi started work on MIUI 11 -
Written by Gloria Towolawi

Xiaomi Started Work On MIUI 11


Following yesterday’s hardware announcement, Xiaomi is now the announcement queue: in China, at an event sponsored by the Xiaomi MIUI Core Experience Annual Meeting, Liu Ming, head of product planning, said the MIUI development team had begun work on MIUI 11. Nova the OS version will appear at the same time as the new flagship, and it will likely be Mi 9.

MIUI 11 is marked with the slogan “new and unique OS” – it differs significantly from the slogans of previous versions, MIUI 9 (“fast as lightning”) and MIUI 10 (in free translation – “maximum full-screen capabilities”). We can assume that MIUI will receive a new interface without borrowing, as well as some new features that will be tied to artificial intelligence. And while it’s all that we need to know about the shell.

The west also provided some general statistics on the shell. Yes, it has been developing for almost 8 years now and currently employs more than 40 models of smartphones Mi and Redmi, and more than 300 million people use it.