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Xiaomi told about high levels of radiation in their smartphones

New Xiaomi smartphone -
Written by Gloria Towolawi
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Any electronic devices have some kind of radiation radiation, which is quite natural, but if it is present in large quantities, it can adversely affect the health of people who are particularly sensitive to radiation. The most common symptom is headache, which occurs after several hours of telephone communication per day. Experts from the research company Statista recently published a study that sparked the light on the fact that smartphones Xiaomi and OnePlus have a high radiation level.


Against this backdrop, many fans of these manufacturers began to worry, because in fact it turns out that the use of gadgets from these brands is simply dangerous. In this regard, Xiaomi’s leadership decided to intervene in the matter, which spoke on behalf of the whole company about the high level of radiation in their smartphones. The strongest are the Mi-A1, Mi-Max 3, Mi Mix 3 and Redmi Note 5 models, which were launched on the market over the past year and a half. It is they who are most concerned about their health, which had to start after the publication of the study.

As it became known to Xiaomi, which commented on similar information, all of its smartphones are completely safe for humans and any other living creatures, as they fully meet all the requirements for sales around the world. For example, each brand phone, released in recent years, is sold in regions of the world where there are special restrictions on the Council of the European Union. According to them, the level of radiation emitted should not exceed 2.0 W per kilogram.

For comparison, the Mi A1 model, which was recognized as the most radioactive in the market for all smartphones, is at 1.75 W per kilogram, Xiaomi says. This means that each of its phones is completely safe to use, since the level of radiation in them is within the permissible limits. For comparison, in the Samsung Galaxy S9, the radiation level is at 0.29 W per kilogram, while LG G7 is at 0.17 W per kilogram. Thus, all existing on the market smartphones that participated in the testing of Statista, are completely safe to use.

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