Xiaomi’s top manager again hints at the first-class Xiaomi Mi 9

New Xiaomi smartphone -
Written by Gloria Towolawi

Xiaomi continues to thunder around the Mi 9 smartphone. This time, another top manager of the company spoke about the future flagship smartphone.


Earlier, Xiaomi Chief Engineer Wang Teng Thomas published the first live photo in the Weibo social network, which was quickly deleted. Then Xiaomi Public Relations Representative Zou Longjun hinted at the triple chamber, backing up a photo of casseroles with rice wine to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Internet users were asked how they could achieve such a result, which Lonzun replied that the shot was made on a camera with a triple camera, probably Xiaomi Mi 9.


Now another top manager is Xiaomi Sun Changshu. She said that during the celebration of the Chinese new year, Xiaomi’s partner sent her a photo taken on Rice wine and expressed her admiration for the quality of the picture. On this basis, enthusiasts and brand enthusiasts made two conclusions. First, “rice wine” is the code name Xiaomi Mi 9. Secondly, its camera is striking.

According to recent figures, the official Xiaomi Mi 9 debut may take place by the end of February.